Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “In May”

Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “In May”

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S.Yu. Zhukovsky studied painting in Moscow, although he had Polish roots. He was a student and follower of I.I. Levitan. Many of the artist’s works resembled teacher’s paintings, and the work “In May” was no exception.

The painting reflects the beauty of the Russian landscape. This kind of work was a kind of protest, because the artist’s father was demoted due to the anti-Russian uprising. The painter showed that he is above politics and rules. He really loved nature and always painted from nature.

The picture conveys a riot of shades. The artist uses a contrast of green color, which allows realistically convey the greens and leaves of trees. A kind of optical illusion, the contemplator plunges into the atmosphere of the forest edge. Here is a clearing planted with trees, and in the middle are several lonely birches. This is a landscape of a classic Russian birch grove. Apparently the day was cloudy, the artist did not display the play of light and shadows.

Trees grow very close to each other, impenetrable grove. It would seem like a miracle that it turned out to be such a clearing. Although the trees in the center demonstrate the dominance of nature, and after some time this woodland will not exist. The picture conveys the power of the plant world, its impenetrable distance. As if this forest is endless, and it’s impossible to go through it.

The title of the work determines the time of writing the work. May is just a period of riot of grass and foliage. The artist very accurately conveyed the atmosphere. The foliage has long blossomed, and the grass covered the ground with a dense carpet. Chaotic strokes of paint show that spring gives way to summer, and it's time to mow tall grass. In the village just this period is the time of the first haymaking.

S.Yu. Zhukovsky in all his works reflects reality. The artist traveled a lot in Russia and Ukraine, where he drew new ideas for creating masterpieces.

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