Description of the painting by Raphael Santi “Saint Sebastian”

Description of the painting by Raphael Santi “Saint Sebastian”

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Renaissance paintings have long been considered classics. Rafael Santi is one of the most outstanding artists of the sixteenth century. He is one of the three most talented artists of all time, along with Leonardo da Vinci. Rafael managed to convey real life events, giving them magic and a riddle.

The painting "St. Sebastian" depicts the same Sebastian. He is considered a martyr, who was shot with arrows, stoned by order of the Roman emperor. These events took place in the third century AD in Rome. This story has become an inspiration to many artists and writers. Sebastian was portrayed by Antonello da Messina, Giovanni Boltraffio. Rafael Santi was no exception.

The author of the picture did not begin to show the tragic death of Sebastian. After all, many artists depicted Sebastian tied to a pillar. And several arrows are stuck into his body. Raphael simply portrayed a portrait of a young man with a halo, emphasizing his holiness. The young man has an oval face, his gaze is lowered, his eyes look a little to the side. Cheeks blush, straight nose, lips closed. He seems a modest and calm man. Sebastian's hair to his shoulders, a little wavy.

Many experts say that Rafael originally portrayed a young man with short hair. Sebastian has a black and gold shirt and a scarlet cape on his shoulders. In this matter, many experts also disagree. Some argue that the cape was originally a different color, and Raphael did not draw it at all. Others believe that the picture was not changed, but has survived to the present day the same as it was created. The background for the portrait is an ordinary landscape, clear sky and green trees.

The canvas was painted in oil, has a small size of 45 * 36 centimeters. To date, the picture is in the Academy of Carrara, in Bergamo.

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