Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Landscape with skiers”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Landscape with skiers”

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K.F. Yuon - master of landscape painting. He often depicted the Russian village in his paintings, reflecting the identity of the people. The work "Landscape with skiers" is made in a unique individual style of the master.

The edge of the forest, adapted by the guys for skiing, is depicted on the canvas. The sky is densely covered by snow clouds, such cloudiness makes it impossible to break through the sun's rays. The forest is depicted in abundance in various colors and shades.

Coniferous trees are combined with native Russian birches. Snow densely covered the ground and created good conditions for skiing. Six guys came for a ride, three slide off a small hill, and the rest are already climbing back. The guys took their four-legged friends with them for a walk.

Dogs also frolic in the fresh air, one dog runs after the kids. In winter, these activities are not uncommon, and the good weather is an excellent occasion for this kind of walk.

The artist very accurately conveyed the mood of the children and the atmosphere that prevails that day in the meadow. A magnificent winter landscape shows the beauty of Russian land. A hillock overgrown with trees creates a feeling of greatness and importance of nature. The author made little use of pure white paint. Snow plays in different shades of the same, conveying a sense of reality.

Snow carpet is shaded either blue or gray and even yellow. This shade of snow indicates that the snow has been lying for a long time. Children most likely live in the nearest village, such large dogs would live closely in the apartment. These animals love freedom and village open spaces just for them. If children ski, then the snow is dense and there was no thaw.

This weather is typical for mid-winter. In the sky you can not see the piercing sun rays that signal the arrival of spring. The artist realistically displayed the time of year, the atmosphere and the beauty of nature.

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