Description of the painting by Mark Rothko “White Center”

Description of the painting by Mark Rothko “White Center”

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American artist Mark Rothko is not very famous in Russia. But, despite this, his paintings are sold at auctions for hundreds of millions of dollars. What makes his paintings so expensive? Indeed, at first glance, most of Rothko's paintings are squares, colored lines, and color mixing. In fact, the author put a lot of sense into his paintings, which is why many claim that they have no price.

Mark Rothko wrote in the style of abstract expressionism. For this plot, strange plots, unusual combinations are characteristic, and the images are easy to perform.

The painting "White Cent" is also incomprehensible at first glance, like all the works of expressionists. In the picture we see three stripes. The bottom is bright pink, in the center - white, just above the white strip we see a thin black, on top - a yellow strip. It is the colorful stripes that are characteristic of Rothko's work. He loved to create on large canvases, using the most vivid colors and their combinations. This was the hallmark of fine art of the 50s of the twentieth century.

Many are still arguing whether all these stripes, colors and sizes make sense. Some argue that there is no point, and the artist just wanted to convey his emotions through such colors. Well, those who like to philosophize say that the white color in the middle symbolizes our dreams and hopes. Black is the image of all the bad that is on earth. And bright colors are a symbol of the fact that everything in this life is beautiful.

Some believe that this is how the artist showed us the day. Pinks are dawn, white is day, yellow is sunset, and black is night. The author himself said that he was doing for pleasure.

Everyone for himself must decide whether this is art or pampering. But Rothko's paintings are gaining more and more popularity. Perhaps people are beginning to notice some amazing features, and maybe this is just a great advertisement and a fashion for expressionism.

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