Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Self-portrait”

Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Self-portrait”

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The painting "Self-portrait" is one of the most popular works in the work of A.A. Ivanov. It differs from most paintings of the artist. The work was written before the trip to Germany, this event forever changed the life and worldview of the creator. He came from Europe, he is a completely different person and artist.

The portrait depicts A.A. Ivanov himself. His gaze is piercing, and his lips are tightly compressed. The clothes are modest, you can not call this young youth dressed in the latest fashion, except that the headgear can give out a creative nature in him. This is a hopeful young painter who is not yet tempted by life's temptations, he is full of desires and inspiration, he still has everything ahead.

So it happened in reality, trips abroad, fame and success did not leave the artist. He was not a representative of a famous family and an ideal family tree. His father was a foundling and did not know his kind, although such a difficult situation did not prevent him from finding his place in life. The portrait reflects the simplicity and naivety of a young man.

It is amazing how realistic the artist conveyed himself. With his left hand, he holds onto a belt thrown over his shoulder. An ordinary gesture, but it has a deep philosophical implication. The hand is near the heart and thus indicates the personality of the artist. A.A. Ivanov points to the heart, thereby paying attention to the individuality of man, his spiritual world.

External data goes by the wayside. All works of the artist have their own character and peculiarity. Self-portrait conveys the spiritual fullness of the author, his formulated personality.

Despite his young age and rustic appearance, his creative ideas and inner world were long formed. He is ready for victories, impressions and achievement of new creative heights. This work has become a landmark for the artist, he captured himself at the origins of his creative career.

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