Description of the painting Amedeo Modigliani "Alice"

Description of the painting Amedeo Modigliani

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For five years, Modigliani painted a huge number of portraits (more than three hundred in all). We see a girl wearing a simple blue dress. She is sitting posing for the artist.

Alice looks at the audience. Her eyes are large almond-shaped. The face is framed by dark shade hair. They casually fall to the dress. The painter deliberately stylizes his face under the mask typical of African tribes.

The canvas is as simple as possible in color. The range of shades varies from blue to terracotta. As a result, Modigliani manages to create an unusual contrast. The artist’s creation takes on special vivacity. At the same time, silence and incredible harmony are not violated.

The artist preferred elongated forms. They are very clearly visible in this portrait. Alice's head resembles an egg in shape, her neck is like a cylinder. The silhouette is deliberately lengthened. The vertical size of the canvas once again emphasizes this. Proportions are far from classical ideals.

Modigliani manages to convey the inner mood of the girl. Absolute calm and a certain coldness are read in her eyes. An open forehead strikes decisiveness. The artist defines the correct facial features as clearly as possible. The girl sits quietly, hands clasped in her lap. All contours are incredibly clear. The background creates a certain contrast with the figure of Alice. At the same time, it is in harmony with the color of her dress.

Modigliani was able to portray the most lively girl. She is serious not the weather. Wrong proportions do not spoil her appearance at all. The audience has a warm feeling when looking at Alice. We feel the artist’s special attitude towards her.

The portraits of the artist are impressed by the special grace of silhouettes, the subtlest color transitions, expressive emotions. Modigliani skillfully creates his own world. Each of his portraits is a real miracle, in which the artist embodied his vision of the world.

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