Description of the painting Tivadar Kostka Chontvari “The Old Fisherman”

Description of the painting Tivadar Kostka Chontvari “The Old Fisherman”

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Tivadar Kostka Chontvari was self-taught and did not master artistic skill. Nevertheless, this painter was able to create a masterpiece that amazes connoisseurs of real art around the world.

The work “Old Fisherman” is considered one of the strangest, its riddle was not immediately solved, and the mystery of the picture is simply amazing. The canvas is shrouded in all kinds of secrets and legends, many are afraid of it, someone cannot hide their delight, but the picture evokes conflicting feelings for sure.

The artist himself was not successful, and his work did not cause positive reviews. At first glance, there is nothing special in this picture. An old man with a strange face, behind his back the sea, part of the coast and towering mountains.

The coastline is strewn with houses, from the pipes of which smoke rises. This testifies to life, the old man is not a hermit, he lives among people. On the one hand, the sea is calm, and on the other, it is raging. The elder is dressed quite traditionally, perhaps only a headpiece makes him look like an artist.

The expression on the hero’s face is frightening; it is distorted in a strange grimace. His skin is covered with scales, apparently the old man is always in the wind. Hands are strained, and the look is tired. We can say that this person bears a heavy burden of work and domestic problems. Through the eyes you can feel the huge life experience of the fisherman.

And now, after almost a century, the work of the Hungarian artist was again discussed. It turns out that if you put a mirror in the center of the picture, you can see two completely different images, depending on which direction the mirror will be directed.

In one case, an image of God is obtained against the background of a calm water surface. In another case, the image of the Demon looms against the backdrop of a raging sea. This effect was discovered by a museum worker and made a real revolution. The painter is considered to be sick with schizophrenia, but still the attitude to his work has changed radically.

Artist Arkady Plastov

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