Description of the painting by Ivan Kulikov "Spring"

Description of the painting by Ivan Kulikov

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The artist Ivan Kulikov always admired the vastness of our country. Russia, famous for its natural wealth, was also a homeland for a people with a proud and unyielding disposition. The traditions of Russian people, as well as their simple everyday life, were an inexhaustible inspirational source of creative fantasies of the famous painter.

In 1812, the author writes one of his best works - a painting called "Spring". He considered this time of year the most wonderful. Because nature regains bright colors and blooms after short cold and cloudy days in the spring.

This picture shows a beautiful young woman. She stands, leaning on the crossbar of a wooden fence, and looks thoughtfully into the distance. Her face is fresh and rosy, and thick brown hair is laid on the head with an intricate scythe.

The gentle and fresh image of the lady is in perfect harmony with the blooming green background behind her. Her clothes are exquisite and beautiful at the time. The top of her suit consists of a pale pink blouse with small embroidery, and the bottom of the fitted skirt is a thick lilac color. In her hand, a woman holds a thin branch of bird cherry strewn with small white flowers.

In the background, slender trees grow, the crown of which has blossomed in all its glory. Only in one month of the year the bird cherry blossoms - this is a warm and fragrant May. And this means that the canvas depicts a wonderful sunny day that fell in the middle of this month.

With his painting, Ivan Kulikov was able to convey to the viewer the feelings that fill his soul in contemplation of natural splendor. Soft bedding on the canvas blends perfectly with bright colors, and the dark colors create a favorable contrast. The author masterfully portrayed the spring atmosphere, transforming everything around. Looking at this canvas, the mood of the viewer involuntarily tunes in a positive way.

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