Description of Marc Chagall's painting “The Blue House”

Description of Marc Chagall's painting “The Blue House”

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Chagall created a huge number of paintings. All this was reflected in his creations. At the same time, you can feel that the present moment is truly charming. The artist is experiencing it, not thinking at the same time. He is unconscious and absolutely calm.

In his picture we see a house in blue. This is an old village building. Watch this masterpiece thoroughly. With a cursory glance, it is impossible to understand the intent of the artist and the person of his worldview.

There are a lot of such houses in Russia. Of course, they are not blue. Why does Chagall choose this strange shade? It is likely that he was associated with blue unspeakable longing. But this is only one of the interpretations. This color also repeats in the background. It can be seen on the walls of other houses.

In the distance you can see the whole city. And this house is on the outskirts. He is abandoned. The pipe and wall made of brick have a characteristic color for this material. They are not blue. The grass is not green, but bright yellow. The viewer sees the high-rise buildings and bell towers that are built on narrow streets. It seems that this topic has always existed. She is a classic.

Chagall depicts a Ukrainian town. The sky is cloudy. You cannot change colors in this picture. They are selected simply brilliant.

The canvas is excellent in its composition and unusual performance. This is a real canvas of cubism. Everything here is filled with all kinds of emotions. This creation seems to fall into two parts. In the foreground we see an old crowbar of unusual blue color.

In the back - the buildings of the city rise. The boundary between these two worlds becomes a river. Chagall manages to create realistic and at the same time unusual images. Only color is unusual in the house. The city is reminiscent of those described in fairy tales.

The city is really vibrant, but Chagall portrays it as if on a postcard. The house, on the contrary, is empty, but it seems enough for someone to enter it so that it comes to life.

It is the blue house that brings special meaning to this apartment and brings individuality to the canvas.

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