Description of the painting by Ivan Vladimirov "Catastrophe"

Description of the painting by Ivan Vladimirov

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Painter Ivan Vladimirov was a favorite of the Soviet public. For his work in the genre of household and battle painting, he often received gold or silver medals. He painted a picture entitled Catastrophe in 1900. It depicts a large-scale train wreck on a railway track. The canvas is made in dark gray-green colors.

It leads the viewer to sad thoughts. About how helpless people are at the behest of fate, which in an instant can turn huge trains into piles of crumpled iron. And about whether this tragedy claimed human sacrifice. Which is unlikely. The people in the picture do not express excessive excitement.

The man and woman, most likely a married couple, take their time walking along the crumpled carriage and calmly discuss the unpleasant incident. A group of men, perhaps the train, is warming around the fire, waiting for further orders.

Judging by the location of the transport on rails, it can be understood that, for unknown reasons, the train located on the right side crashed into passenger cars at great speed ahead of its train. As a result, terrible destruction occurred.

The cold gray sky adds drama to what is happening. Thick white fog envelops all the space around. On the yellow faded grass in places frost donkey. This suggests that the action takes place in the autumn season, dreary and cloudy.

The artist Ivan Vladimirov has participated in hostilities more than once in his life, as he worked in combination with the police. He took the plots of his paintings from personal situations experienced in the service, as well as from the difficult situation of the times of revolutionary Russia. The works of this remarkable painter were believable precisely for this reason. He subtly felt the events that he depicted.

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