Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Hawthorn by the window”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Hawthorn by the window”

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Painted Russian beauties in national clothes - the heroine of portraits of Konstantin Makovsky from the 1880s. The most popular Russian artist in those years was carried away by the study of women's costumes of past eras. He was interested in Rus XV - XVII centuries. In a somewhat idealistic view, he created a large series of paintings with Russian hawks.

The work “The Hawthorn by the Window” was written approximately in the 1890s. We see a genre scene of the life of a well-off daughter of a boyar.

The girl is dressed in a traditional costume: a long red shirt over which a long-field dress is worn, an embroidered collar is entwined around her neck. On the head of the model is a beautiful kokoshnik. The girl’s face is healthy, ruddy, expresses calm and dignity.

Hawthorn sits on a wooden bench in a Russian log hut from wooden boards. In front of her is a spinning machine. The young lady was distracted from the weaving lesson, staring a dreamy look out the window.

Makovsky wrote out in detail all the details of the interior decoration of the house. Amazing carved pattern is visible along the plank wall, daylight falling from the window is naturally reflected on its glossy bends. The upper corner is occupied by an icon and a burning candle. All furniture and spinning wheels are made with amazing craftsmanship by manual craftsmen.

Makovsky chose the style of romanticism for a series of Russian beauties. Their poetically beautiful faces are black-browed, with thick eyelashes, rosy and blooming with youth.

The girl's costume looks festive and luxurious. Floral motifs in a robe, pearls, glitter of gold threads harmoniously frames the thoughtful person. That is what the Russian artist of women of a bygone era wanted to see.

Although most of Makovsky’s paintings were sold expensively abroad, the “Lady of the Window”, on a happy occasion, ended up in the Nizhny Novgorod Art Museum.

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