Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy "Portrait of Shishkin"

Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy

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Portraits of Ivan Kramskoy were born from the technique of retouching photographs. The future painter wandered around Russia and painted photographic portraits, simultaneously comprehending the laws of chiaroscuro and volumes.

In St. Petersburg, he finally gained the fame of an excellent retoucher. Risking without preparation, to pass exams at the Imperial Academy of Arts, he was successfully enrolled in the ranks of students and the most famous artists of that era.

After the revolt that arose as a result of a protest against academic order, Kramskoy and associates organized an Artel of Artists with a free choice of topics, and then traveling exhibitions. The portrait painter's talent manifested itself with greater certainty and strength in the second half of the 19th century. He became a fashionable artist and received the title of academician.

By order of Tretyakov, Kramskoy painted a series of portraits to create a gallery of outstanding Russian people, among whom a portrait of the landscape painter Shishkin appears. We can see the real faces of people who brought glory to Russia and played a role in the history of art.

Kramskoy was friends with Shishkin and was his ideological inspirer. Realistic almost photographic painting by Ivan Kramskoi tells about the fate of the era. Shishkin portrayed Kramskoy twice.

The portrait painted in 1880 is a true and integral image of a landscape painter. Before the viewer appears a contemporary of Kramskoy, who has just married for the second time. A large figure calmly looks from the canvas. Big hands do not fit in pockets.

An open high forehead gives him a master with a good character, which is consistent with the verbal descriptions of colleagues who spoke of him as severe only in appearance. By his Great Russian appearance, they were judged as a volost foreman, in fact, belonging to subtle art.

Such as “the master of the forest and the poet of nature” was - a tall, handsome, strong man with a penetrating gaze, a thick beard and portrayed Kramskoy.

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