Description of the monument to the orange in Odessa

Description of the monument to the orange in Odessa

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The idea of ​​creating such an unusual design belongs to Valery Balukh, and the architect Vladimir Glazyrin and sculptor Alexander Tokarev were engaged in practical work. In width, the entire composition is twelve and a half meters in diameter. It is made of granite paving stones.

The structures are made of cast iron posts. Interconnected by chains. At first, the pedestal was on Lanzheronovskaya Street, and it included two more pillars, which denoted versts from Odessa to St. Petersburg. But after the construction was transferred to Zhvanetsky Boulevard, they were not installed.

The monument was moved because the names of the former rulers of the country are engraved on the side of the orange. And it was decided that the monument destroys the historical environment of the city.

In the center there was a pedestal on which lies an orange cast from bronze. On the one hand, the peel was removed from it and several lobules were taken. Inside the fruit, a statue of the ruler of the country Paul the First is fashioned. In addition, the triple harnessed to the orange of horses entered this design. And on top are the famous buildings of Odessa: Opera, Vorontsov Palace and the Cathedral of the Transfiguration.

This sculpture symbolically shows the transportation of oranges from the city of Odessa to St. Petersburg. In order not to burden the fruit with buildings, all the buildings on it were made of bronze blocks one centimeter thick. Therefore, the construction part turned out to be contour.

The sculpture was completely cast in Kiev, a ton of bronze went on it. Such a construction costs about twenty thousand American dollars. Moreover, the construction and installation had costs of 160,000 hryvnia. All installation work began in 2004 in early August. Many raised funds by voluntary donations of citizens.

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