Description of the sculpture by Giovanni Bernini "Apollo and Daphne"

Description of the sculpture by Giovanni Bernini

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The plot of the sculpture "Apollo and Daphne" was an episode from a famous mythological work. Cupid was offended by Apollo and decided to punish him. He pierced the hero’s heart with an arrow of love, and the arrow of a nymph Daphne struck the heart, which on the contrary destroys love.

And then one day a young man saw the daughter of Peneus the river god and fell in love with her. But she began to run away from Apollo. The young man tried for a long time to catch the girl, but he did not succeed. After a while, Daphne asked for help from her father and the earth goddess of her mother. They turned their daughter into a laurel tree.

And Bernini's sculpture depicts this pursuit and the transformation of the girl into a tree. Apollo and Daphne is a complex plastic image of a rapid movement. It must be considered from all angles.

Each time you notice something new in the composition. If you look at the sculpture for the first time, you will see the pursuit of Apollo behind Daphne. But after a while you begin to notice the magical transformation of a living creature into a tree. Before you is still a beautiful nymph, and your hands are already beginning to turn into twigs and leaves. And the legs begin to grow into the ground.

Bernini masterfully owned his chisel, so all the curls on the girl’s hair, the transition of the body to the tree bark are so delicately cut. He also knew how to properly polish a marble surface to show all the beauty and grandeur of his work.

The sculpture is filled with life, changing under the gaze of people. If you approach her from the left, you can see the joy of the young man because he caught the fugitive, as well as the fear in the eyes of the girl. Full Face changes the look of the composition: Daphne is not so worried, but Apollo is horrified and desperate.

Bernini used this artistic effect in his work. He combined the conflicting beginnings of images in it.

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