Description of the painting by Peter Brueghel “The Census in Bethlehem” (2 option)

Description of the painting by Peter Brueghel “The Census in Bethlehem” (2 option)

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A well-known work based on biblical content was written by Peter Bruegel in the 16th century. The work shows the lifestyle of the people of that time, both in everyday and social terms.

Brueghel’s creative process aims to show the true, true essence of everything that happens in the world. Gospel versions mask what is happening: after all, they convince us that Bethlehem is the true point of the globe where Jesus Christ was born. The prophets of the Old Testament say that this is exactly the city where the messenger of higher powers appeared. But Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth, this comes from a census conducted by Emperor Augustus, from which we can conclude that Mary gave birth to a child in Bethlehem.

In that era, there were a number of specific laws that required any visitor to go to the village where he came from. Joseph sent his let to the city of David, although it was dangerous and difficult. Since Mary was to give the baby light very soon, there was very little time left and every second counted.

The author desperately tried to portray the whole essence of lawlessness and ugliness, which happened due to the management of representatives of the authorities of this area. It shows the household structure of people, but some detail relates the work to religious ones - a donkey and an ox, carrying Mary. It is these animals that should appear in the Nativity of Christ.

Perhaps, do not have these details, the work had some other motive.

Joseph is a secondary person, so from the foreshortening and covered headgear his face does not make out his face.

The author wants to draw attention to the presence of Christ here, at present, in a crowd of people. He says that Jesus is invisible by us while he is outside of us, and not inside.

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