Description of the painting by Alexander Shilov “Bloomed Ledum”

Description of the painting by Alexander Shilov “Bloomed Ledum”

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The painting "Blooming Ledum" was written by Russian contemporary Alexander Shilov. The portrait was painted in 1980. By the way, this work was performed in two versions. One of the paintings hangs in the gallery named after its author - Alexander Shilov, the second - in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Portrait is the dominant genre in the works of Shilov. The heroes of his paintings are stories of generations and time. In the expressions of people's faces and postures, fleeting and unique moments of their life, in which their images froze, A. M. Shilov seeks to honestly and to the smallest details reveal and preserve the individuality of their personality.

Before us is depicted Galina Nikolaevna Lachinova. This elderly woman is a primary school teacher. Strictness and accuracy are reflected in the clothes - a modest dark suit, jacket and blouse. Nothing extra and distracting! Gray hair is tied up in a bun; any jewelry is missing, including the engagement ring. The latter may be an accident, or emphasizes the dedication of this woman, who has devoted herself entirely to the education of many generations, but, possibly, also doomed her to loneliness.

The portrait of an unremarkable, ordinary, at first glance, woman hides deeply philosophical thoughts. Outside the window, winter, the life of Galina Nikolaevna is almost gone and will inevitably end. But on the lips of an old woman a soft smile, a look that is warm and a little bewildered. Despite the predominance of dark tones and sadness that accompanies old age, timid rays of light illuminate the space, and the elderly teacher’s face glows with hope and joy.

In a jug, the rosemary is blooming just as if embarrassed. Quite small buds are the messengers of the coming spring and a symbol of the endless cycle of life. Seasons replace each other, the same thing happens with people. They are born, live and die, others come to replace one. This is inevitable, and it seems that this fact saddens Galina Nikolaevna. For this energetic and active woman, life turned out to be too fleeting, not allowing her to complete all her plans. And at this very moment, when the rosemary blossomed on her windowsill, she recalls precious and dear to her heart moments.

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