Description of the painting Giorgione “Portrait of a young man”

Description of the painting Giorgione “Portrait of a young man”

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Full of unsolved mysteries, the painting by Barbarelli da Castelfranco Giorgione “Portrait of a Young Man” is not at all like typical portraits of the Renaissance. A characteristic feature of portraiture of the Renaissance era is, first of all, the direct look of the person being portrayed on the viewer, the sensation of “pursuit” of the posing model of the viewer from all points of view.

On the contrary, the young man, fermented in the picture of Giorgione, lowered his gaze down, which creates an indescribable atmosphere of melancholy, existential sadness. Acting on the "emotional receptors" of the viewer, the artist writes an amazing image of a young man who attracts the views of the audience.

The ideal person, according to the prevailing idea of ​​Renaissance artists, is depicted in this portrait, at the same time his atypical, non-standard appearance and manner amaze with its courage.

The famous technique of “smoothing forms”, blending the contours - the sphumato invented by Leonardo da Vinci is used to write this portrait, the whole canonical image of the young man is very soft, causes a feeling of lightness. The study of the picture by x-rays showed that initially the young man's gaze was aimed at the landscape, which serves as the background of the picture.

There was quite a bit of controversy about the origin of the painting, just as it was not easy for the community of artists and art historians to determine the personality of the portrait. According to one version, a man named Antonio Broccardo posed for “Portrait of a Young Man”. According to another version, the portrait depicts Vitorio Capello - this is evidenced by the presence of the letter "V" on the hat.

Some doubts arise during the analysis of authorship of this portrait. Giorgione's brush is being questioned, attributing the creation of the painting to one of the artists who followed the Venetian school.

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