Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov "Lenin on the podium"

Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov

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A. Gerasimov earned the glory of a figure of Soviet art for his famous work "Lenin on the podium." The image of the leader of the revolution was duplicated from the picture millions of times. The artist was best able to convey the greatness of V.I. Lenin as a key figure in the communist movement.

"Lenin on the podium" was written in several stages. The portrait was completed by 1930, and the plan was born ten years earlier. The author rewrote his picture several times. At first, he didn’t like the position of the leader’s body in the picture when he held the jacket with his left hand. Then Gerasimov re-painted the portrait, focusing on his right hand.

Before directly creating the legendary canvas, the painter studied documentary materials about Lenin for a long time, took into account photographic images, talked with persons close to the leader. Gerasimov himself was lucky only twice to see firsthand the leader of communism. But from a long distance, it was not possible to discern its features to the right degree. The artist wanted to accurately depict the portrait of Lenin and convey the strength of his spirit, the power of his influence on the masses.

At the stage of face writing, Lenin Gerasimov was assisted by K.E. Voroshilov, who personally knew the main communist. The most valuable instructions came in handy for the portrait painter. When the face was written as close to the original as possible, Voroshilov advised the artist not to make any amendments. Gerasimov heeded the advice of a comrade.

The figure of Lenin is placed high on the podium. He broadcasts to the people about the upcoming changes and invites everyone to become their driving force. In the foreground, large scarlet banners with the symbols of communism are developing in the wind. The same flags flash in a huge crowd of people at the rostrum.

The background for the portrait is a gloomy sky, covered by thunderclouds. Thus, the revolutionary atmosphere in the picture is emphasized.

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