Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Moscow inn"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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1915 is the time when Boris Mikhailovich Kustoyediev actively stayed in Moscow, studying all its flavor and the backstage of ceremonial life. There, the artist became acquainted with such a special place, saturated with the spirit of Moscow, as a tavern. The restaurant in Moscow is a completely unique place, in it people are used to chatting, relaxing, sharing news and discussing something that it’s not customary to talk about in the ceremonial open spaces of the big White Stone Moscow.

That is how we see the inn in the picture of the artist Kustodiev. Sleek, graceful, and festively elaborate waiters, as we would call them today, deliver tea to Muscovites, circle around them in order to please and make their stay in this tavern special. Here you can see both the hospitality and the generosity of the Russian soul.

The bright interior of this restaurant is the first thing that catches your eye. Its red walls and vaulted ceilings transfer us to the atmosphere of an old Russian fairy tale. Against this background, people who the artist also assigned a large role in building the composition stand out in contrast. Noble men in blue clothes talk about something important, all this tea drinking looks like some kind of mystery behind the scenes of Moscow’s generous life.

The action depicted in the picture takes place before the Easter time, about this the spectator is told by a willow twig, stuck in a wooden image. The powerful spirit of the Russian person is conveyed to this picture, which is incredibly powerful in perception. The central group of people, as mentioned earlier, has a very important appearance, but according to the shape of their clothes, we can conclude that they belong, as you know, to the cabmen. This runs counter to conventional wisdom about the people of that profession, and, undoubtedly, exalts them, for which Kustodiev special thanks. At their tea party, they take a break from hard work, think of something clearly pleasant, otherwise it cannot be in such a welcoming atmosphere! Apparently, the elder of this group is sitting under the image.

Cages hanging over the ceiling carefully preserve the birds, which serve as a kind of musical design for this building. Everything depicted by Kustodiev fabulously and magically shows the breadth of the Russian soul and devotion to the original traditions.

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