Description of the painting by Jean-Baptiste Grease "Pampered Child"

Description of the painting by Jean-Baptiste Grease

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The legendary painting by J. B. Greza's “Spoiled Child” is a valuable exhibit of the State Hermitage, located in the city of St. Petersburg. In total, the museum stores 11 works by the artist. The picture is made in the once popular Rococo style, oil on canvas.

A masterpiece was born in 1765. The artist liked to supplement his work with an appropriate literary explanation, therefore, in part, the picture is also an illustration of his thoughts. Like all the works of Jean-Baptiste Dreams, "Spoiled Child" is intended to enlighten the viewer. The canvas contains a deep moral subtext, which can become a lesson for everyone.

The plot in the picture is simple and clear. The heroes of the picture are extremely typical, their poses are deliberately unnatural and simulated. The central figure is a boy who is clearly unwilling to take up the food offered. In order to quickly deal with hated food, he quietly feeds her dog using cutlery. In this case, food from a spoon falls to the floor. Nearby is a young lady. Her face is meek and calm. The current situation is not new to her. The girl is exhausted by the behavior of the child, and is not even able to scold him. Another title of the work is “The Fruits of Bad Education”

It should be noted that the picture is saturated with notes of eroticism and theatrical behavior, usual for Dreams. The girl’s dress has a very deep neckline, sadness touched her eyes. Often, the artist brought allegorical images of lost innocence, regret about this. Similar stories were very popular in the 18th century.

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