Description of the painting by Andrey Matveev "Portrait of Golitsyna"

Description of the painting by Andrey Matveev

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This portrait was paired with the portrait of Prince Golitsin himself, because it was thought that they would hang nearby and symbolize a consonant couple. The princess is depicted in a half-turn to her husband, inscribed in the canvas to the waist. She looks very majestic, as she should with her status. Behind her is a cloudy sky. The princess is depicted in an oval on a rectangular canvas. A luxurious heavy dark red dress is painted on it, its color seems to shine. On it you can see large ruby ​​clasps on the wrists, as well as a beautiful precious medallion on the chest.

In this medallion, the image of Peter the Great himself is clearly visible. The mantle thrown over a chic dress is quite picturesque. Most likely, the mantle was made of velvet. Her appearance and clothes are so magnificent that they seem to fit each other more than her inconspicuous husband approached her in life. The head of the princess is three-dimensionally depicted and this artist tries to emphasize so that her sculptural power and weight can be seen.

At the same time, the dress opens the whole neck and part of the chest, occupying a considerable place on the canvas, thereby forming a rather picturesque part and conveying the image of a strong and independent woman. However, magnificent clothes do not look very well against the background of the lowered corners of the lips, as if waiting for crying, and sad tired eyes. The combination of these two moments creates a fairly strong and truthful image of the princess, which contains a special depth of this woman. She was also the approximate thimble of Catherine herself, after she was excommunicated from the court for irrelevant occasions and again brought closer.

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