Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Love letter”

Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Love letter”

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After the death of Jan Vermeer, his paintings were highly appreciated. Despite the fact that he was known during his lifetime, he was known as an expert on art, he died in poverty and debt. His wife was forced to abandon the inheritance - this helped pay off creditors. The artist was forgotten. A few years later he again stood on a par with Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

In the last ten years of his creative life, the artist is increasingly drawn to abstraction, not paying attention to small details. The composition of the painting "Love Letter" is very mysterious. If you carefully look at the foreground of the canvas, we see a room that is not very well lit, a card hanging on the left of the wall, a chair that is on the right, notes that are located on it. The door is barely hidden behind a gloomy curtain. She leads to another well-lit room. A young woman sits in a chair by the fireplace in it. A maid stands nearby and gives the woman a letter.

The barrier between the viewer and the characters depicted in the picture is a curtain, slippers that stand on the threshold of the room, a broom, carelessly thrown at the curtain. All this preserves a certain intimacy of what is happening in the picture, revealing to us a little someone else's personal life.

The main theme of the picture is a letter, most likely a love letter. It is probably written by the beloved of the girl, who at this moment is far from her. Now it’s hard to say exactly who is shown in the picture, but there are opinions that Vermeer depicted on the canvas someone from his family. Model sitters were not cheap at that time. Relationships can be judged by the yellow jacket, which was mentioned in the inventory of the property, after the death of Vermeer. She belonged to his wife.

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