Description of Claude Monet's painting Self-Portrait

Description of Claude Monet's painting Self-Portrait

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Claude Monet is a heritage of world culture, whose work is made in the style of impressionism. The French artist not only created this movement, but also used this direction in all his works. And one of his works of particular interest to the viewer is a self-portrait.

In this picture, the viewer can see a serious mature person who looks at the viewer with his deep and thoughtful eyes. The artist portrayed himself in a beret, and often a self-portrait is called "Self-portrait in a beret." The colors used by the master are so lively that it seems that a living artist is watching us. Despite the fact that everything is done in dark colors, still the background is diluted with pale blue. Through the use of this color palette, the artist focuses on his personality, without being distracted by the details. When you look at a self-portrait, you involuntarily start to wonder what kind of thoughts the artist was visiting at that moment, whether he could convey those emotions or feelings that worried him at that time. A self-portrait that has deep meaning, genuine and unadorned feelings makes you look at her and wonder at the power emanating from the self-portrait.

The painting is a real masterpiece of art, and Monet's self-portrait is one of the brightest paintings of the Impressionism trend. His serious face makes you think a lot and start looking for yourself. A self-portrait for each artist is a reflection of his essence and character, because portraying themselves, they portrayed their soul, ready to open to a patient audience.

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