Description of the painting Marat Samsonov "Sister"

Description of the painting Marat Samsonov

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The Great Patriotic War left its imprint on the lives of many ordinary people. The fact that soldiers and doctors saw during the hostilities - can not convey a single movie, not a single picture. Doctors and nurses could not lose courage. Many poets sang them, artists dedicated their paintings to them.

Marat Samsonov showed a fragment of the hard life of a nurse. On his canvas "Sister", which he wrote in 1953, he portrayed a nurse who was pulling a wounded soldier from the battlefield. His eyes are bandaged, apparently he lost his sight. A fragile girl pulls an adult man, his weapon. Despite the severity of the situation, she believes that they will win. The image that Marat presented to us is the image of a hero, majestic and courageous. The landscape, which the artist depicted in the picture, only enhances the whole drama of this episode. This style is inherent in all paintings of the artist.

Together with the boys, they bravely fought on the battlefield and the girls. The author managed to portray a woman in the image of a courageous girl who is forced to be a nurse.

Marat Samsonov knows about the war from the inside. As soon as the war started, he joined the army as a volunteer. He studied at a military school in Kalinin, was a lieutenant. He participated in the parade dedicated to the Great Victory, which took place on June 24, 1945.

After the war, Samsonov began to study at the studio of military artists to them. M. B. Grekova.

Today, the painting "Sister" is exhibited at the Central Museum of the Armed Forces.

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