Description of the painting by Nicholas Ge "The Court of King Solomon"

Description of the painting by Nicholas Ge

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Russian painter and draftsman, he focused most of his career on the work of K. Bryullov. The same sophistication of the composition, close attention to detail and the brightness of contrasts, shaded by a bizarre play of light in his paintings are complemented by a subtle sense of individuality of each image.

Portraits, historical and religious paintings delight in the plastic elaboration of figures. And this is not surprising, because the master sometimes performed sculptural work. Three-dimensional forms on the canvases were achieved using chiaroscuro.

The painting The Court of King Solomon is written in a biblical story, where the king has a difficult task - to judge two women in a dispute about who the child belongs to. The artist surprisingly effectively applied color in the description of the characters of the contestants.

Not only is the detachment and indifference of one expressed in a calm pose. Indifference and slight surprise are written on a beautiful face. The impression is enhanced by the cold tone of clothing.

The gusty movements of the real mother of the baby are supplemented by a fire cloak, an edge creeping on the floor. With a desperate gesture, she stops the warrior. An excited face conveys horror and supplication.

And above all the characters stands Solomon sitting on the throne. The ceremonial white robe is a symbol of truth and justice. The king's gaze is turned on the kneeling woman. The pose expresses meditation and observation. There is no doubt that the king will make a truly wise decision.

The artist managed to catch a new, realistic direction in the transmission of biblical subjects.

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