Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov "Beggar Singers"

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov

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Painting B. In his work, the author used oil paints, with the help of which he conveyed on a simple canvas all the pain and despair that people feel penniless in their pocket.
The colors of the picture are very saturated, and human faces are expressive and realistic. With his magnificent technique, many artless strokes Vasnetsov reflected the truth as it is. At the church gate there are several beggars who want to help out a couple of coins for their mournful singing. Their faces are full of suffering, in contrast to those interested in introducing the audience.
Mother Deaconess holds a prosphora in her hand and smiles rather - she is curious to watch the singing of people who have no shelter, no money, no food. In turn, several strong peasants untied shabby wallets, deciding to throw something to the poor.
The background is as perfect as the faces of the beggars and their listeners. Church gates are clearly outlined by the artist’s skillful hand. Behind you can see several trees, a cow in black and white spots, the roofs of rural houses and a group of people passing by in a cart.
Initially, the author set out to depict everyday life - just an everyday scene at the gates of the church fence, which any parishioner can witness. However, his artistic talent and mastery of the brush made this everyday grayness sensual, expressive and surprisingly realistic.

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