Description of the painting Vasily Surikov “The Annunciation”

Description of the painting Vasily Surikov “The Annunciation”

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As the name implies, the picture is dedicated to one of the biblical subjects. The picture tells us about a very important event for the religious world: the Archangel Gabriel arrived in Nazareth to the Virgin Mary to tell her the good news - she will become the mother of the Savior of the world, that is, Jesus Christ.

This religious plot is considered very popular among artists. This work of Surikov did not gain much popularity due to the simplicity of the image of the figures. We see a very frozen scene, there is no sensation of movement. Archangel Gabriel reaches out to a woman. It is noticeable that the artist worked very well on the image of the hands of the archangel - they are muscular, strong, visible relief. The robe of the male figure is simple - a blue dress with gold trim. An important part of the work is the image of the wings of the archangel. There is no familiar white color that is associated with angels. The wings are made of pure gold. But there is no particular scope for depicting the size of the wings, there is no habitual exaltation of the messenger of God. Only a bright light that illuminates the room attracts attention when Gabriel appears. This golden light underlines the solemnity and importance of this moment.

Most of all the critics received the image of the Virgin Mary. The artist abandoned the usual symbols of the Annunciation: we do not see either a lily or any other religious subjects, such as the Bible. Virgin Mary is depicted in full growth. Her arms are folded near her chest. A woman is wearing a red dress with white sleeves, over which a blue cloak is worn.

It is especially worth paying attention to the image of a woman's face. It is very difficult to understand what emotions the artist was trying to convey. Here you can see the joy, surprise and humility. The big eyes of the future heroine attract attention.

Behind the woman is a stone wall, which indicates that Gabriel found Mary indoors. Right behind the figure of Mary, on the wall, hangs a small picture of a rectangular shape. Presumably, the painting depicts a landscape with flowers.

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