Description of the painting by Grigory Ostrovsky “Portrait of Cherevina”

Description of the painting by Grigory Ostrovsky “Portrait of Cherevina”

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Ostrovsky’s painting dedicated to Cherevina is one of the artist’s most famous works. Ostrovsky himself with trepidation and admiration set to work, as the Cherevins family is an integral part of his artistic work. The picture is particularly realistic and the vision that Ostrovsky had in his work. The artist carefully examines every detail of the representatives of the Cherevins family for whom he worked.

Ostrovsky, to describe the portrait of Cherevina, uses exceptionally soft and smooth bends, sunlight. In the picture, you can see the smoothness in the transition from shadow to light, perhaps the artist specifically used this technique, and perhaps the nature of the model corresponded to the shades that the Russian artist used.

The picture shows a young lady of advanced years, rather the mistress of the Cherenov family. The expression is soft and bright, and the smile is rather restrained. The artist uses clear lines and bright details that can catch the eye of the viewer. Every detail of the young lady who has been preparing for the demonstration for so long and carefully has been carefully registered. Red bows, which emphasize romance and gaiety, merge with the severity of the face and a conscious, focused expression on the face.

The artist managed to convey the feelings that he felt while working on this portrait. Not for nothing, Ostrovsky was ranked among the most gifted portrait painters, because he conveyed the real feelings of models, without undue embellishment. The main goal of the Russian artist is to bring to the viewer exclusively real feelings and thoughts of models. The artist does not use the techniques of too rough a transition of light and shadow to show the viewer what the famous Cherevins family, in which he served, actually was.

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