Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Woman with a Crow”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Woman with a Crow”

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The work of the famous Italian artist Pablo Picasso is divided into many fleeting periods in which he uses different styles and shades of the palette. Painting A woman with a crow refers to the transition from blue to the so-called pink.

Looking at the picture, one can notice that it is mainly these two contrasting shades that prevail on it, and the images of charming tender girls come to replace the images of the poor and exhausted circus acrobats.
The model for the painting A Woman with a Crow was the daughter of the cafe owner, where Picasso often went to see with his friends and lover.

The owner of the establishment was very cunning, so knowing that poor painters always had problems with finances, he took a fee from them only with paintings. Thanks to his sagacity, he managed to put together a fairly good collection of paintings, among which was the famous painting by Picasso. According to rumors, the girl depicted on the canvas really lived a hand crow.

Looking at the Woman with a Crow picture, we see how the girl’s lean body leaned over the bird, which is why her shoulders acquired a rather stooped look. She strokes the crow, whispering something to her, knowing that the bird is not able to reveal all her secrets. The face is drawn with very thin lines, which looks quite brightly lit due to light tones, the used palette of colors.

The strokes are so scattered that all this in one whole creates the illusion of transparency of the skin, giving the face an excessive pallor. In the color of the hair there is a pale green tint that merges almost the same tone with the table. The girl’s hand rests her elbow on the table, gently supporting her head with which a lock of hair casually fell out. The image of the heroine was very fragile and sophisticated.

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