Description of the Cosimo Tour "Muse" picture

Description of the Cosimo Tour

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“Muse” - this is nothing like the work of the Italian Renaissance artist Cosimo Turo. It is believed that the painting is dedicated to the ancient Greek muse of poetry, science and philosophy - Kalliope, who was the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne.

In the picture we see the image of a magnificent woman sitting on the throne. She is dressed in expensive clothes made of velvet, brocade and silk. Her blue velvet dress literally merges with the sky, and the green lining of the cape seems to be a continuation of the throne. The pattern on the sleeves of the dress is detailed in detail - a floral golden motif on a bright red brocade. Especially worth noting is the drawing of the cloak. The outer ruby ​​side of the cape is constantly intertwined with a green lining and smoothly descends along the girl's legs. The drapery of the fabric is more like protrusions on a rock - rough, sharp, but at the same time the artist manages to convey the softness and suppleness of the material. The head of the muse is crowned by a modest diadem of solid gold.

The throne on which Calliope sits is a real work of art. Made of pure gold, inlaid with precious stones - rubies, sapphires, pearls. The throne is decorated with the heads of sea monsters, which, upon a quick examination, can be mistaken for ordinary fish, but they have long tails, sharp teeth, and spikes. They guard the muse. On top of the throne is a large conch shell and beads of white, red berries.

The symbol of Kalliope has always been a stylus - a wand for writing. The artist does not forget about this obligatory paraphernalia of muses and draws a long, thin branch with red berries in Calliope's right hand. The girl’s left hand is slightly belligerent and menacingly placed on her right knee. The muse seems unhappy with something. Calliope's expression is also hard to understand. You can’t say for sure if she’s thoughtful or angry.

The artist was a true genius in the field of coloristics. The picture is very bright, the colors are raging, but only a few colors are used here: blue, red, green and gold.

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