Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “The Head of the Prophet”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “The Head of the Prophet”

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It was painted by the artist in about 1904-1905. To create it, an ordinary sheet of paper, watercolor, charcoal and a pencil were used.

The viewer can openly observe the sad look of the prophet. Vrubel managed to convey in the image the entire length of his eyes, which seemed to be riveting to himself. Yes, so that it is almost impossible to immediately break away from him.

Not of your own free will you start to ask the questions “What is the prophet's gaze so sad for?” and “Why does the prophet look that way and not the other way?”.

The head is located in such a way that it is not a full face and not a profile. Long and graceful lines of the neck are clearly expressed on the canvas. Long hair is interrupted by a pencil leading out of their hands. And the face is covered with a beard and a small mustache.

Thanks to the pencil painting, dark gray shades prevail here. And the bright white reflections appearing are revealed thanks to the watercolor used also.

If you think about it, the artist’s similarity with the character of his picture is so obvious that there is no doubt that in real life Vrubel found something in common with the loneliness of this prophet. How much this person suffered and suffered in his soul ...

The gaze does not convey the emotions of hatred and hostility to this world from all its cruelty, as it would seem to have come from all the pain inflicted on him, but an understanding of all its depth and essence.

The essence of the image of the prophet is dual. On one side of the scale is the whole majesty of the human spirit. And on the other side, boundless longing and loneliness. And Lermontov wrote: “How gloomy and thin and pale he is! How they despise him all. ” And only all of Vrubel’s genius could convey to the canvas what Lermontov himself intended in his creations.

This painting was written for the publication of the works of Lermontov. Namely, to the poem “Demon”.

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