Description of the painting by Mikhail Lermontov “Memories of the Caucasus”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Lermontov “Memories of the Caucasus”

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1838, oil on cardboard, State Lermontov Museum - Reserve "Tarkhany".

The great Russian poet M. Yu. Lermontov possessed not only a poetic gift - his artistic heritage is extremely rich. It is known that the poet was serious in painting, took lessons, made copies of famous paintings. So far, only part of the work has been preserved - small watercolors, sketches on the margins of books, sketches.

One of Lermontov’s favorite topics of art is the Caucasus. The poet more than once confessed his love for him ("How I Loved My Majestic Caucasus ...").

In 1838, while serving in the Grodno Hussar Regiment, the poet wrote a picture - "Memoirs of the Caucasus."

In front of the viewer is an evening landscape. The last rays of the setting sun illuminate the mountain range in the distance, the shadows become longer, the sky gradually darkens. Clouds float so low that a little more - and they can be touched.

In the foreground are the figures of two highland riders. One - in Circassian, white hat, the other is dressed in a long head-piece. Both, like true warriors, are armed. On a long journey, travelers are engaged in conversation. The conversation is probably quite emotional - the temperamental horseman on the left almost turned to his interlocutor. Another participant in the dialogue is more calm: he continues to move, without changing his posture. Travelers organically look against the background of the surrounding landscape, almost merging with the quiet mountain valley in the general color.

However, the main characters of the Lermontov miniature are not people, but the surrounding nature. The author did not get tired of admiring the Caucasus, he missed the majestic mountain peaks, swift and cold rivers, the romantic air of these places.

The work fully reflects the romantic perception of the surrounding nature, delight and reverence for its beauty and inviolability.

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