Description of the painting Nikolai Kasatkin Rivals

Description of the painting Nikolai Kasatkin Rivals

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In the background of the picture is a gorgeous winter sky - clear and saturated. The silence and frost of a snowy morning is felt when there is no wind and only a crunch of snow underfoot breaks the silence. The village seemed to freeze in this beautiful white decor, under a soft and airy white blanket. The background of the picture conveys the extraordinary beauty of the Russian village in winter, its unique flavor and atmosphere.

The characters of the picture, which are in the background, show the viewer that despite this solemn snowy beauty, the life of the village goes on. Someone went out to talk in the frosty fresh air, someone rolls a barrel for water, someone left an icy barrel on a sled and distracted by other things.

In general, life is in full swing, despite the seemingly deserted streets at the moment. Well-trodden paths on freshly fallen snow speak of liveliness in the Russian village.

Well, the foreground of the picture was crowned by two bright representatives of the Russian village youth and a little away from them, behind them is a young man. What did the master want to show us? The artist showed two absolute opposites of the character of Russian girls.

The presence of a young interesting guy next to them clearly indicates a rivalry regarding this particular guy. The girl on the right is a modest and timid woman. She, passing the subject of her adoration, lowered her eyes to the ground.

Her clothes speak of her meek disposition - modest dark shades, clothing lines are straight and not standing out. And next to her, all sparkling with enthusiasm and cheerfulness, her rival on the right to be the first to whom the guy at the outskirts will pay attention. Her image is very speaking.

Her very location - she closes her opponent by herself and even set aside her arm so that the guy has less vision. A hand supporting the side says to the opponent: "Do not even hope, you have no chance." She is full of pressure and energy.

Clothing also speaks of her character: a white skirt, a red apron. Clean and bright colors indicate a desire to stand out, draw attention to themselves and a blue shawl, most likely matched to eye color. Even the shape of the collar on the short fur coat is non-standard - not like everyone else. And the foot half a step ahead speaks of her always far-sighted actions. Active, impudent, confident. While the first modest and shy quiet.

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