Description of the painting Vasily Perov Guitarist-Bobyl

Description of the painting Vasily Perov Guitarist-Bobyl

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HOPELESSNESS. Here is the first and vivid impression of the picture. The artist saw and conveyed the inner world of the hero of the time, which is relevant even after a century and a half.

Perov gave a very accurate psychological description of his character. This is a man who, by his attachment to alcohol (as indicated by the bottle and a full glass on the table), led his life to a standstill. He is lonely, his home does not even have a hint of a family, his whole posture indicates the absence of any aspirations and hopes.

In his surroundings, the cold and the complete absence of even a hint of comfort. Shrill loneliness and despair, drowned out by alcoholic libations under the monotonous fingering of guitar strings. In this quiet and monotonous sorting all the memories of unfulfilled hopes and dreams are collected, and the head lowered and lowered into the neck suggests that there are no hopes for the future.

The social environment of those years just contributed to the development of universal drunkenness, as a result of which families were lost and plans for a future life were crushed. Drinking establishments were located on every corner, which contributed to the universal pulling into daily alcoholic intoxication.

The population of Russia has rapidly degraded. This disturbed and scared, this state of the person rolling into the abyss and wanted to capture the artist in his picture. Capture and show offspring - what makes alcohol with a person in a very short period of time.

This is a vivid representative of a degrading person who was left alone on his declining years alone with a bottle and blurred consciousness. The complete uncertainty in the future, but in principle the whole color of the picture shows the absence of this future.

A person does not pay attention either to the environment or to his appearance. The hair on my head has not been seen for a long time, not like a hairdresser, not even a comb. At home in a sheepskin coat, because the cold and lack of desire to heat the stove, and most likely the lack of firewood, since all the money earned goes to buy heady liquid. The complete lack of desire to change something in this moment and in the future.

Hopes are all trampled to the floor in the form of a pair of mashed cigarettes.

With this picture, the artist expressed a sharp protest against general drunkenness and tried to attract public attention to this problem. COLD. HARD. STRONGLY SORRY.

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