Description of the painting Ivan Vishnyakova Girl with a bird

Description of the painting Ivan Vishnyakova Girl with a bird

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The painting "Girl with a Bird" was painted in the first half of the eighteenth century by Russian portrait painter Ivan Yakovlevich Vishnyakov. The exact date of the creation of the picture is unknown, since little information has been preserved, both about the artist himself and about his paintings. Presumably this is 1749. Currently, no more than ten portraits of a talented artist have been preserved. Many works were lost sight of, as they were made to order and were in private collections.

Such a fate was prepared for this work. For the first time there are references to the painting "Girl with a Bird" in 1912, when it was shown at the exhibition of paintings in St. Petersburg. After the revolution in 1917, the canvas was again lost. And only after almost a hundred years, the art historians of the Tretyakov Gallery spotted a painting from a Moscow collector and bought it.

The painting by Ivan Vishnyakov “Girl with a bird” depicts a portrait of a little girl of aristocratic origin holding a dove in her hand. Despite the very young age of the model, the artist conveyed on the canvas children's wisdom and conscious child care for the bird. “Wisdom is not the weather” emphasizes the decoration of the girl. A white shawl draped over an elegant red ruffle dress adds seriousness to the portrait.

The girl sits on a wooden chair, leaning slightly on it. The artist's chosen model pose does not seem natural to the viewer. The picture lacks the emotional features of a girl characteristic of an ordinary child.

Despite the dark green curtain, which serves as the background for the whole portrait, the picture does not look gloomy. The prevailing red color in many shades conveys to the viewer the "festivity" of the canvas.

Looking at the portrait “Girl with a bird” the viewer is imbued with bright and kind feelings.

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